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Simmons Management Systems has been in business for 28 years doing Test Publishing, Career Counseling, and Consulting to Businesses.  SMS is an international business, with customers and Sales Associates in nearly every part of the world!  Based in Memphis, Tennessee, at 2500 Mount Moriah Rd., SMS has given consistent and reliable service for 28 years.  Check the BBB link above for information about SMS.

Additional Information:  The career test is a report version of the Simmons Personal Survey, which for 29 years, has helped companies hire and develop employees.  For more in-depth information on the benefits or accuracy of the Simmons Personal Survey, go to 

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Career Help from the U.S. Department of Labor:

Tomorrow's Jobs

Making informed career decisions requires reliable information about opportunities in the future. Opportunities result from the relationships between the population, labor force, and the demand for goods and services.

Population ultimately limits the size of the labor force—individuals working or looking for work—which constrains how much can be produced. Demand for various goods and services determines employment in the industries providing them. Occupational employment opportunities, in turn, result from demand for skills needed within specific industries. Opportunities for medical assistants and other healthcare occupations, for example, have surged in response to rapid growth in demand for health services.

Examining the past and projecting changes in these relationships is the foundation of the Occupational Outlook Program. This chapter presents highlights of Bureau of Labor Statistics projections of the labor force and occupational and industry employment that can help guide your career plans.

The long-term shift from goods-producing to service-providing employment is expected to continue. Service-providing industries are expected to account for approximately 18.7 million of the 18.9 million new wage and salary jobs generated over the 2004-14 period

Education and health services. This industry supersector is projected to grow faster, 30.6 percent, and add more jobs than any other industry supersector. About 3 out of every 10 new jobs created in the U.S. economy will be in either the healthcare and social assistance or private educational services sectors.............................

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