The Simmons Career Choice Test measures work tendencies, work preferences, job-related character, personality, and interpersonal relating.  These Job Aptitudes have been found in many research studies to be the best predictors of job success and of job fulfillment.  The test is given to you on our web page, is easy to do, and takes between 30 & 45 minutes.

Your in-depth Career Choice Report will be viewable online, within 7 minutes.  It contains 19 pages of valuable personalized career information.  The first 3 pages of your Career Report give you easy, step by step instruction on how to use the report.

Next, the Overview Page (shown below) shows your 13 Key Career Traits.  Every one of the 13 Key Career Traits has been proven in hundreds of research studies (both medical & psychological) to affect personal health, job performance, and job enjoyment.  Your Overview Page quickly shows what you like, what you dislike, & what you can do on a job.

As you may know, the millions of colors that are in the world can be produced by mixing just 3 basic colors: red; blue; & yellow. Likewise, every job in the world requires different amounts of the Key Career Traits.  If the pattern of your scores match a career, you will enjoy it and most likely will do well at it.

Note: If you have a slow internet connection, the high-quality sample below may take several minutes to load.  If so, you may want to just view the top part of the page, then click "next" above to continue your tour of the report.

Aptitude Test Career Assessment Overview