Beware of inaccurate tests and "free" test scams!

Warning:  On the internet, there are many career tests that have no proven accuracy.  Because the tests are very inaccurate (less than 60% accurate), they can lead you to choose the wrong career!  If a test has any accuracy, the web site will openly show their proof.  If you do not see proof of accuracy, the test most certainly does not have it.

Also be wary of "free" test offers.  We have personally inspected many of these and have, so far, found:  A.  No proof of accuracy;  B. They do not give you enough information to help you make your career decisions;  and  C.  They simply try to manipulate you to buy something else, that you wouldn't have wanted if they had just been honest with you!

Just how bad is it for a test to be 60% accurate or less?  It's worse than you may think.

First, it means that 4 people out of 10 will be told to do the completely wrong thing!  If they believe and follow the test, these 4 people will choose the wrong job, the wrong career, and the wrong college major, with disastrous results.

Second, 3 people will be told something of moderate accuracy - not totally correct.  For example, they might be told they should be a mechanic, when they could be an engineer.  Somewhat close, but not right on target.

When tests that we have researched claimed 60% accuracy, the authors could not show 60% of  high or very high accuracy, merely 60% of reasonable accuracy.  60% of the customers said the results were "OK", but not highly correct.

Using a test that is no more then 60% accurate, only around 3 people out of 10 will be told the exact right thing!

Our Challenge To You:  If you plan to check other sites, bookmark our site.  When you look & find no proof of accuracy, or find the accuracy to be low (most are lower than 60% accurate), come back, and let us help you.