Your Key Career Traits are compared to 29 Career Groups that represent all jobs in the world. See the jobs you fit best, & why!

On the Careers Page, we have listed all known jobs, or job types and have printed them in blue in the right column.  The jobs are grouped into 29 categories, listed in the left column.  Careers are grouped 100% according to Key Career Trait patterns (the scales shown on the Overview Page).  

The categories & jobs that your scores fit best have higher ratings (e.g. Ideal, Very Good, Good) & higher scores from 0 to 10 printed to the right of the category.  Your very best match is highlighted with a #1You receive a high score for a category because your characteristics on the Overview Page are those necessary for success and happiness in this type of career.  

In-Depth information is provided on every job we list, from ONET, the US Government job database.  This includes: what each job is like; earnings; how many of these jobs are and will be available; etc.  We provide a link to ONET in the report.

Choose your College major or job training.  ONET will show you the training needed for each job we recommend.

Note: If you have a slow internet connection, the high-quality sample below may take several minutes to load.  If so, you may want to just view the top part of the page, then click "next" above to continue your tour of the report.


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