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"I took your test and was surprised by it's accuracy in placing me.  I think it's a very useful and very well designed test.  I already confirmed it with people that know me quite well.  They were very surprised to the perfect fit and perfect description.  "This is definitely you.." was the sentence I heard the most. Cheers." 

Take the Test, & Find Your Ideal Career!

A career test is just like a road map. If it is correct or accurate, a road map (and a career test) will show you where your destination is AND exactly how to get there.

A map (and a career test) is only valuable to you if it is accurate. An inaccurate road map (or career test) will lead you in the wrong direction, resulting in wasted time & money, or in danger.

Would you use a road map that you knew was not correct?  No.

Neither should you use an inaccurate career test.  As a customer, demand to know the accuracy level of any test you consider taking.  If a website doesn't display this information, they do not have anything to show.

No other internet career test has high accuracy.  You can search the internet (as we have) & will not find another career test that has accuracy close to 99%.  Most are lower than 60% accurateLow accuracy causes incorrect scores & can lead you to make the wrong choice!

With over 99% accuracy & over 99.5% in customer satisfaction, our test will definitely help you find your ideal career or college major!  High accuracy means the scores are correct and will steer you in the right direction.

For just $25.00, take the career test online, & get your 19-page, full-color career report.

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Immediately after payment, you will go to our online answer blank.  The questions are easy, & will only take about 30 minutes.  When you are through, your answers are evaluated by our computer. Your report is given to you online & also sent to your email address, usually within 7 minutes.

We fully guarantee the quality & accuracy of our test!  If you feel the results were not correct, email us at CustomerService@CareerTest.us  & we will give you a complete refund.

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