3 Career Facts You Should Know


If you choose the right career, you will be happy & productive in your life.  You will spend over 1/2 of your awake hours working in your career. In the right career, you will love what you do, feel happy & proud of your accomplishments.  You will be appreciated by others, enjoy the people you are around, perform well, have job security, & prosper financially.


If you choose the wrong career, you will be unhappy in your life.  In the wrong career, you dread & dislike your job, feel stressed & unhappy, canít wait for each 8+ hour day to end, may not enjoy the people you are with, won't perform well, may quit or get fired, & may not prosper financially.  Many personal & marital problems are caused by career problems.


Without help, you probably will not find your ideal career.  According to The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7 out of 10 Americans (70%) do not like the jobs that they have chosen.  Also, the average person changes careers (not just jobs) 5 to 7 times - moving from career to career that they do not like, over an unhappy period of 20 to 40 years.


To choose the right career, you must accurately assess your many job related traits, AND compare them to each of 1000 different careers.  Most people cannot do this on their own.  What you need is an accurate career assessment instrument.

Find Your Ideal Career, with the Simmons Career Choice Test.  The SCCT is the most accurate career test ever.  Proven in research to be over 99% Accurate.